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Turbo T2-AQ Aqua Blue


TURBOFLAME ® - the UK's leading brand in outdoor lighters - taking fire back to its origins as an essential
multi-functional tool, using 21st century butane gas lighter technology.

The Turboflame range of wind-resistant blowtorch lighters is designed to meet extreme outdoor challenges and handle everyday tasks around the house, kitchen and garden. Perfect gifts for smokers and sports enthusiasts, Turboflame home lighters will also caramelise a sugar topping or thaw a frozen lock with equal ease.

Achieving temperatures up to 1300c, Turboflame work lighters are capable of welding soft metals and glass, and burning at any angle, even upside down, these adaptable survival lighters provide safe ignition for anything from outdoor barbecues to household stoves and at-home aromatherapy burners.

Ideal for outdoor use, tasks around the home and for multiple work applications.

TURBOFLAME ® Not just a lighter...an essential outdoor tool ©