How to Refill Turboflame Butane Lighters SUMMARY OF FILLING INSTRUCTIONS:

1) TURN the flame adjustment screw to minimum In a clock wise direction towards the minus sign –(use a 4mm tip flathead screw driver to turn the flame adjustment screw) Note that new lighters are sold empty with the adjustment screw set to minimum.

2) DISCHARGE the existing air from the gas tank by pushing down the refill valve with a small screw driver or a metal skewer in a similar way to taking out air from a car tire. (Note that an empty lighter may have an “air lock” which needs to be discharged as mentioned above).

3) REFILL with recommended butane gas, for example, brands like Colibri, Newport or London Gas, marked “Near Zero Impurities”. Insert the main nozzle into the refill valve and press firmly for either 10 seconds continuous or 3 times, each time 3 seconds. WAIT 2 minutes to allow gas to stabilize and warm up.

4) TURN the adjustment screw Counter Clock Wise towards the plus sign + Rotate the screw ¼ turn each time, then try ignition. Repeat this procedure until reaching the working flame height, which is about 2cm blue flame in a dim room*. Flame height should be checked against a dark background since the flame is not visible in bright surroundings or sunlight.


Avoid smoke blow backs into the lighter tip (e.g. when lighting outdoors make sure wind is either behind or across the Turboflame®). Excess smoke causes carbon build up and failure of catalyser, voiding the warranty. To avoid carbon build up and for optimum usage, use tip of the blue flame and not the flame itself.

Phoenix model (with wire catalyser) should be kept free from dirt, ash, debris or fluff entering the burner hole, to prevent wire catalyser burn out.

In cooler weather keep your lighter warm (e.g. inside pockets).

If used as part of survival packs, most experts recommend carrying a few backup sources of fire lighting (e.g., waterproof matches and fire steel) although when it comes to lighting fires, Turboflame makes the life much easier (make sure it is refilled before setting off).