Try bleed and refill procedure as noted above. Make sure the lighter is at room temperature when you are doing the adjustments. If at maximum setting your Turboflame does not produce a forceful enough flame (or in cooler temperatures no flame), then try one last thing: WARNING: Make sure the flame shuts down under 2 seconds at the maximum setting. If you have a model with a flame adjustment screw at the bottom, using a 4mm tip flat head screw driver, turn the adjustment screw 1/8 turn at a time Counter Clock Wise BEYOND the first resistance (maximum) setting. Just apply a gentle force while turning the screw, you can go as far as 1/4 to even 1/2 turn beyond what some people may think is the maximum setting (that is just a safety net set up for summer heat when gas pressure is much higher than the cooler days we normally have in the UK). After each 1/8 turn, try ignition and check flame height until desired setting is reached.