Turboflame ® lighters are true multi-purpose lighters. Ideal to have around the home and much safer and more reliable than matches. A prime example would be lighting gas stoves/hobs and barbeques. Matches can be troublesome to light can easily be blown out and the flame on regular lighters disappear back inside the burner hole when you try to light anything horizontally. However, fire up one of the impressive Turboflame ® range and light the barbeque or hob without worrying about it not lighting or blowing out.

If you like nothing better than relaxing in a warm bath surrounded by scented candles or burning essential oils to fragrance your home, you’ll know such pleasures can come at a price – burnt fingers. Turboflame’s ® neat point and shoot precision flame burns dead straight – even upside down – so you can get into the trickiest of spaces. Lighting those tea lights and candles at the bottom of big bell jars doesn’t have to be a hazardous experience anymore. Turboflame’s ® clean burn system means that you can light your elegant table candles without leaving unsightly black carbon traces and melting half the candle wax before it lights.

In the Kitchen Turboflame ® comes into its element! Use it to blast sensitive credit card information off sales receipts with a one second swipe. Watch the paper turn black without a spark of fire. Truly amazing. Now you don’t have to risk your fingers in the paper shredder or worry about putting personal details on envelopes in the trash. Turboflame ® will make light work of your everyday security needs.

Lets not forget Turboflame ® as the chefs friend either. When you need to caramelise your crème brulee or flambé your Christmas pudding, Turboflame’s ® 1300c flame will quickly do the job without leaving your food tasting of nasty chemicals.

All of the Turboflame ® can be used for home use, but we recommend the lighters below for their particularly stylish designs and striking contemporary colours to accessorise any modern kitchen. The Turboflame ® Arc’s popularity in Europe has already seen it nominated for design awards. Definitely chic enough to leave on the table at any dinner party – just don’t be surprised if your guests keep playing with it.