ARC-2 Multi Task Lighter

ARC-2 Multi Task Lighter

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Model: ARC2 Laser Jet Lighter

Size: 11.3 x 3.4 cm

Colour: Matt Silver

Turboflame Arc Lighter: The first designer household lighter to combine cutting-edge technology with contemporary living style. A beautiful, all-metal lighter, the Turboflame Arc roars with a 1300c jet-like flame with pinpoint accuracy.

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The new Turboflame® ARC© is an ideal wind proof lighter essential for a multitude of indoor and outdoor tasks. Capable of burning at any angle, even upside down, these adaptable multi task lighters provide safe ignition for just about anything from the kitchen to candles, and from the garden to the tool box. In addition, there is a gas level indicator.

The ARC© can be used to light hard to reach places such as deep tea light candle holders, Moxa Sticks, aroma therapy burners, gas pilot lights, lanterns, light BBQ as well as DIY tasks around the house and garden such as blasting rust, patch fiberglass, solder metal, melt plastic, seal rope, shrink wire joints, cut lines, caramelise creme brulee or simply lighting cigars and pipes in style! The click of the Arc lighter's ignition is unique and so special that many users comment how wonderful is the smooth sliding of the ignition button that ends with a distinctive click and the roar of the jet flame. The pin pointed laser jet flame delivers a powerful flame reaching 2 inches from the lighter tip at temperatures of up to 1300C. Turboflame’s “clean burn” technology means it can also melt synthetic materials without depositing black carbon, so equipment containing plastics and fiberglass can be quick fixed without discoloration. Available in metallic Matt Silver finish.


  •  laser jet flame
  • Operates in any orientation – even upside down (without bending the flame)
  • Visible gas-level indicator
  • Adjustable 1300°C  Clean Burn  flame
  • Heavy duty metal alloy body with metallic coating
  • Timeless ergonomic design, simple and beautiful
  • Works up to 3000M (9,800ft) altitude
  • Electronic piezo igniter (10,000 ignitions)
  • Wind resistant
  • Flame height adjuster
  • Size: 4.5" x 1 3/8" (11.5 x 3.4 cm)
  • Weight 3.9 oz (112 gr)
  • fuel capacity 2.1 ml
  • 650 short ignitions *(approximate with full tank of recommended gas)
  • working flame height 1-1/2" (3 cm)

TURBOFLAME ® - not just a essential everyday tool ©</>

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