KEEP LIGHTERS AWAY FROM CHILDREN Ignite lighter away from face, clothing and others. Beware of flame, which my be invisible in bright light. Actual heat length is longer than visible flame. Be sure flame is fully extinguished after use. Turboflame ® is ideal for a wide range of ignition purposes (BBQ, candles, pilot lights, cooking stoves, camp fires, Hexi blocks, solder metals, softens clear P-Tex, etc.) and short-duration application of high intensity heat (up to 1300ºC). If used for longer than 15 seconds continuously, the tip may become hot and due care should be taken before storage. Never expose a lighter to heat above 50ºC (120ºF) or to prolonged sunlight (eg. car dashboard). Contains flammable gas under pressure. Never puncture or put in fire.