If the lighter fails to ignite after completing all the usual checks and it is certain that there is an ignition spark and that the lighter seems to contain sufficient fuel, it may require bleeding to remove trapped air from the fuel tank. To bleed the lighter, turn the flame adjustment screw to minimum (turn clock wise); hold the lighter such that the refill valve faces downwards. Then press the refill valve using a pen knife or small screwdriver to discharge the air/gas mixture (e.g., similar to taking out air from a car or bicycle Tyre). Continue pressing until hissing stops. Press again several times until hissing stops completely. WARNING: Be careful of back spray to your face or skin since butane comes out very cold and could give you frost bite besides being extremely flammable (see warnings noted in instructions). Then refill the lighter with recommended gas (e.g., Colibri or Newport). Use at least two five second bursts and use the basic nozzle on the canister. Escaping gas indicates that the lighter is full.