It is very important to keep the burner hole (where the flame comes out) clean if you want your Turboflame to last a long time. 1. Always keep the cap on (if the model has one) and try not to put it in dirty pockets. We suggest keeping your turboflame in a protective case. 2. Objects should be lit at least one inch away from burner hole – using the heat of the flame and not the flame itself. Make sure ash / debris and smoke do not get into the burner hole as this will clog it. For example when lighting a BBQ or campfire, make sure the wind is either behind or across your Turboflame, this way the smoke that eventually may cause carbon build up will be kept away from your lighter’s tip. 3. Periodically clean the burner hole using short bursts from a compressed air aerosol to remove debris or carbon deposits (keep compressed air canister at least one inch away from burner hole). If carbon deposits are seen, it is possible that inferior butane gas has been used. Substituting with a leading brand premium butane gas is recommended.