Lighters are sold either empty or with only small quantity of gas for testing purposes only. It is recommended to *bleed/refill with recommended gas and then adjust flame height after purchase and each time the lighrter gets low on fuel (see refill instructions). Note that we usually dispatch the lighters on a low flame setting, therefore increasing the flame adjustment screw (use a 4mm tip flathead screw driver and turn counter clock wise to increase the blue flame** to “working flame height” as follows: For models Ranger Twin Flame & Military mini blow torch, set flame height to around 1.5 to 2 cm, Vflame with 3.5 to 4 cm and Phoenix with 1 cm. These working flame heights can result in a better wind resistant / outdoor flame. After the first flame adjustment, you only need to bleed/refill when gas level becomes low (the flame flickers or becomes intermittent. This may also indicate trapped air in gas reservoir and that’s why bleeding the gas/air mixture is recommended prior to any refill. Further flame adjustments are not recommended unless you travel to a new destination (e.g., air travel or change of elevation in excess of 2,000 ft.) which may require bleed/refill/adjust flame height to adapt to the new environment.