GX7R Original – Yellow

GX7R Original – Yellow

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The Original Urban Blow Torch from TurboFlame weighs in at just 85 grams and it’s one of the most reliable outdoor lighters on the market. Capable of withstanding up to 10 minutes of continuous burn, the laser jet precision flame can reach temperatures of up to 1300c. Continuous flame lock functionality means you can comfortably hold the blow torch in one hand to get to those tight spots.


       Flame lock for continuous burn

  • Nonslip Rubberised Coating
  • Size: 3.1″ x 1.25″ (7.8cm x 3 cm)
  • Weight: 3 oz (85 gm)
  • fuel capacity 3.6 ml
  • 850 short ignitions (10 minutes continuous and 17 minutes per full tank of gas **)
  • working flame height 3/4″ (2 cm)

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Bring the Heat This powerful blow torch reaches temperatures of up to 1300c to give you unbeatable power. You can ignite the laser jet flame up to 850 times and it can offer up to 10 minutes of sustained use, giving you complete accuracy while you need it. Clear burn technology means you can burn synthetic materials without leaving black carbon marks behind, too.

Use Anywhere with Confidence The Urban Blow Torch is a powerful tool that deserves a space in any survival kit. The heavy duty metal alloy body protects the blow torch - and yourself - from harm. The tool works at altitudes of up to 10,000ft and the flame is windproof for outdoor use.

Enjoy Complete Safety Intelligent safety features mean you can wield this powerful tool with complete confidence. Designed and tested in the UK, it can operate at any orientation while the non-slip rubberised coating keeps the blow torch firmly in your hand. Rest assured the torch meets all BSI, ISO and ASTM safety standards.


Additional information

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 27 cm



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